ADM-SIO has a large range of technologies and a recognized expertise in the chemistry of oils and fats.

We apply batch processes and can produce small or medium sized batches, depending on your specific needs. For each batch, full traceability is guaranteed.

At ADM-SIO, we have the following technologies available to produce high quality solutions:

Custom Refining


ADM-SIO has a strong expertise in the refining of vegetable oils under GMP conditions. With this technology, we are able to manufacture purified pharmaceutical oils complying with the world highest quality standards.

Hydrogenation & Flaking

hydrogenated vegetable oils

ADM-SIO proposes a large choice of hydrogenated vegetable oils that perfectly meet the requirements for cosmetic, food and feed industries.

Fat crystallization & Texturizing

Fat-Solid-crystallization-Texturizing 258x172

We produce shortenings and texturized blends for food applications such as marinades or spreads.

Interesterification & Esterification


We are able to manufacture both interesterified and esterified oils for uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Customized Nutritional Blends

Customized Nutritional Blends

Production of customized lipid-based nutritional blends for baby food and clinical nutrition.

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