Purified Pharmaceutical Oils

Range of products

Our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

These purified pharmaceutical oils (pharmaceutical soybean oil and pharmaceutical olive oil) are used as API for the manufacture of nutritional lipid emulsions products in parenteral nutrition. They provide a source of calories and essential fatty acids for patients who are not able to feed themselves.

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Both pharmaceutical vegetable oils fully comply with general requirements of European and US Pharmacopeia.

Our Excipients

These highly purified oils (pharmaceutical soybean oil, pharmaceutical olive oil and pharmaceutical sesame oil) can be used as excipients in both human health (propofol, hormones, vitamins) and animal health applications (veterinary uses).

They are useful in the formulations of soft gels capsules, as solubilizer for API’s insoluble in water (Cyclosporin, Dronabinol, Cannabidiol, etc.) and as texturizers. They can also be used in various syrups and lotions.

ADM-SIO highly purified oils meet all the regulations in the pharmaceutical industry and are manufactured under cGMP standards.

You will find below our list of products:

Regulatory Conformity

Submitted Regulatory Files

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we have submitted the following regulatory files (Active Substance Master File or DMF) to Health agencies:

Our Quality Standards

At ADM-SIO, we produce highly purified pharmaceutical oils. Our production and quality control system fulfill the ICH-Q7 GMP requirements for active pharmaceutical ingredients. A 9-step purification process is applied to the starting materials to deliver high quality pharmaceutical vegetable oils. Final steps of the process, including fine filtration and drum filling under nitrogen are performed in an ISO 8 classified cleanroom.

The high purity, strict quality and compliance with GMP requirements, make our purified pharmaceutical oils fully suitable for use in injectable applications (as API or excipient) and also for oral or topical formulations.