Our Commitment to Environment

As regards to our supply of raw materials, our company follows a specific work ethic: we do not take more to the planet than what it has to offer. Indeed, at ADM-SIO, every stakeholders has been made aware of how important it is to preserve the resources of our planet. Respecting the environment is one of the company’s core priorities and a decisive asset for sustainable development.

Our organization is designed, developed and managed to:

  • Use energy and raw materials efficiently,
  • Have a sustainable-oriented work ethic,
  • Minimize incidents on the environment,
  • Manage waste safely and responsibly,
  • Answer the environmental-focused needs of our customers.

The Environmental Management System of SIO, 16 rue du Général de Gaulle 62223 Saint Laurent Blangy, applies to all the inherent activities for: refining, modification, blending and packing of natural vegetable oils and fats for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmectics , Food and Feed industries.