Our Commitment to Environment

As regards to our supply of raw materials, our company follows a specific work ethic: we do not take more to the planet than what it has to offer. Indeed, at ADM-SIO, every stakeholders has been made aware of how important it is to preserve the resources of our planet. Manufacturing specialty vegetable oils while respecting the environment is one of the company’s core priorities and a decisive asset for sustainable development.

Our organization is designed, developed and managed to:

  • Use energy and raw materials efficiently,
  • Have a sustainable-oriented work ethic,
  • Minimize incidents on the environment,
  • Manage waste safely and responsibly,
  • Answer the environmental-focused needs of our customers.
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The Environmental Management System of SIO, 16 rue du Général de Gaulle 62223 Saint Laurent Blangy, applies to all the inherent activities for: refining, modification, blending and packing of natural vegetable oils and fats for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmectics , Food and Feed industries.

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