Our cGMP pharmaceutical olive oil

Olive oil is commonly known for its use in the food industry, whether as a cooking oil or a seasoning oil on a day-to-day basis.

However, did you know that olive oil, once refined, is also used in the pharmaceutical industry?

At ADM-SIO, we produce highly purified olive oil. It complies with European and US Pharmacopoeia for refined olive oil. Our production and quality control systems fulfill the ICH-Q7 GMP requirements for active pharmaceutical ingredients. For this product, a certificate of suitability (CEP) has been delivered by the EDQM in Europe. Regulatory files (DMF Type II and IV) have also been registered with the FDA in the US. A 9-step purification process is applied to the starting material (virgin olive oil) to deliver a high quality purified oil. Final steps of the process, including fine filtration and drum filling under nitrogen are performed in an ISO 8 classified cleanroom.

The high purity, strict quality and compliance with GMP requirements, make our pharmaceutical olive oil fully suitable for use in injectable applications (as API or excipient) and also for oral or topical formulations.

To know more about this product, please visit our online dedicated page on purified pharmaceutical oils.