Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

Range of products

High melting point vegetable oils

ADM-SIO offers a wide range of fully hydrogenated vegetable oils that can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, feed and cosmetic industries. They are produced from refined vegetable oils and offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to paraffin and other mineral products.

We are able to manufacture a wide range of melting points and crystallization behaviors to perfectly answer your needs and expectations.

You will find hereafter our range of hydrogenated vegetable oils:

Commercial NameRaw materialMetling Point (°C)
GV 60 (MB or SG)*Palm62-63
VGB 4Soybean (non-GMO)68-71
VGB 5 STSunflower69-73
VGB 6Rapeseed (low erucic)68-74
VGB 22Rapeseed (high erudic)61-66
Olive WaxOlive60-70
VBG 760 (MB or SG)*Palm (not hydrogenated)59-64
*MB (Mass Balance) or SG (Segregated), ADM is member of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil)


Use in Food and Cosmetic industries

Our hydrogenated vegetable oils are produced and sold as fat flakes (overview on picture). They can be used in various applications.

In human nutrition for example, they are used as texturizing agents for gum bases (chewing gum), spreads and marinades.

In cosmetics, our high melting point vegetable oils are good alternatives to microcrystalline waxes. They can also provide hydrating function and deliver protecting and regenerating properties to vegetable butters and waxes. In all cases, our hydrogenation process guarantees the stability of your formulations and our team ensure you to have the best answer to your needs.

Fat Flakes
Encapsulation Process

Use of high melting vegetable oils in encapsulation

ADM-SIO’s range of hydrogenated oils can also be used in human and animal nutrition. We are able to offer high melting point vegetable oils for the encapsulation of active ingredients (vitamins, acids, salt, enzymes, minerals, urea, flavors, essential oils, etc.).

In animal nutrition, these innovative solutions allow the protection and release of active nutrients to customers whose mission is to feed animals, providing the specific substances needed to grow well and healthy.


We sell our hydrogenated vegetable oils in 25kg paper bags or in 600kg big bags.

Certifications and Quality

Our products are FAMI QS certified, which allows us to deliver lipid-based solutions respecting the best manufacturing practices in the feed industry.

At ADM-SIO, quality is our top priority.
 Our ingredients come from carefully selected and non-GMO raw materials. They are manufactured under strict quality assurance conditions in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP methods.