Discover our purified pharmaceutical oils

ADM-SIO benefits from more than 100 years’ experience in oil refining and oleo chemical technologies development. Through the use of innovative technologies and proven processes, we aim at creating high quality pharmaceutical oils. These one have nutritional or functional properties used by customers from the pharmaceutical industry. Providing quality and safe ingredients being our core concern, our products are manufactured in France under cGMP conditions.

Today we would like to introduce our flagship products:

These product are highly purified oils, complying with European and US Pharmacopoeia monographs. Our production and quality control system fulfill the ICH-Q7 GMP requirements for active pharmaceutical ingredients. A 9-step purification process is applied to the starting materials to deliver high quality purified oils. Final steps of the process, including fine filtration and drum filling under nitrogen are performed in an ISO 8 classified cleanroom.

The high purity, strict quality and compliance with cGMP requirements, make our pharmaceutical oils fully suitable for use in parenteral applications (as API or excipient) and also for oral or topical formulations.

To know more about these products, please visit our dedicated page on purified pharmaceutical oils.