Analytical Expertise

Analytical Expertise in oils & fats

ADM-SIO is recognized for its expertise in the analysis of oils & fats. We master the most advanced analytical techniques in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). We propose also new and innovative methods to European and US Pharmacopoeia, in particular for purified pharmaceutical oils.

ADM-SIO has been rewarded by the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) for its contribution to numerous programs. In 2014, we received a Certificate of Appreciation from USP. This certificate recognizes the outstanding contribution of our Analytical Service in the fully revision of monographs for olive oil and soybean oil.

Our professionals from Quality Department are also involved for over 20 years in the 13H expert working group of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission (Fatty oils and derivatives). They bring knowledge and expertise to update specifications and improve methods of analysis.

Process Management

Process management is of major importance in managing the variability of naturally derived pharmaceutical ingredients. Analysis of starting material characteristics and real-time process monitoring by the measurement of critical process parameters allow us to fine tune our process conditions to guarantee the best batch-to-batch consistency.

For excipients as for API’s, we carefully manage In-Process Controls (IPC) to ensure that every subsequent batch will comply with internal specifications. As part of process management, Statistical Process Control (process trends) is a particular relevant tool. It identifies immediately any process deviation.

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