SIO (Société Industrielle des Oléagineux)

Our History

SIO’s beginnings date back to 1907, and today, is one of the most important global pharmaceutical oil manufacturer.

As a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company since 1996, our company manufactures state-of-the-art purified pharmaceutical oils that can be used as APIs or as excipients for oral, topical and injectable formulations of oil-soluble drugs. With more than a century of experience in the manufacture of specialty oils, we also offer the best ingredients of vegetable origin for various applications in human and animal nutrition (e.g. hydrogenated vegetable oils for encapsulation) and cosmetic industries (e.g. high melting point vegetable oils and butters).

On the below historical timeline, you have an overview on the major steps that made ADM-SIO become a key player in the supply of lipid-based pharmaceutical ingredients:

Two Locations in France

Our 134 employees are spread over two sites:

Our manufacturing site and laboratory are located in Saint-Laurent-Blangy, in the north of France.

The Executive Management as well as the Sales and Marketing departments are based in Fourqueux, in the Paris region.

With our experience in the manufacture of specialty oils, we are able to deliver the best lipid-based solutions anywhere on the globe.

ADM-SIO Saint-Laurent-Blangy
ADM-SIO Fourqueux

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to be the international partner recognized for its expertise in the production of ingredients for pharmaceutical use.

At ADM-SIO, our Mission is to offer to the Health and Nutrition industry our expertise and our mastery of plant-based ingredients manufactured according to the most demanding quality standards.

Worldwide Presence

Since its creation in 1907, ADM-SIO has been able to adapt its strategy and product portfolio to fast-moving trends and challenges within specialty oils industry.

Today, we aim at positioning ADM-SIO as a major player for the use of purified oils and esters, as active ingredients or excipients in the pharmaceutical industry, while seeking opportunities with high added value products in the food and feed sectors.

Below is an overview of ADM-SIO business coverage, with presence on all continents:

In green the countries where ADM-SIO delivers its products.