Discover ADM-SIO, a world leader in the manufacture of vegetable oils mainly for the pharmaceutical sector and for human and animal nutrition.

As a subsidiary of ADM, one of the largest agricultural processors and food ingredient suppliers in the world, ADM-SIO offers a broad range of specialty vegetable oils. These are used in the pharmaceutical, food, feed and cosmetic industries.

With more than 120 employees, dedicated production lines and specialized R&D and regulatory teams, ADM-SIO offers to its customers innovative global solutions tailored to the specific challenges of their business.

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Specialized in the most sophisticated applications, ADM-SIO relies on its experience and expertise in oils and fats to maintain its technological and regulatory leadership and meet the new requirements of its customers. The mastery of the entire production chain of our vegetable fats is a guarantee of the excellence of our products.

We provide safe and responsible lipid-based solutions to our customers worldwide.

Purified Pharmaceutical Oils

ADM-SIO is a global leading manufacturer of purified pharmaceutical oils used as APIs or as excipients for oral, topical and injectable formulations of lipophilic drugs.

We offer an extensive range of highly purified oils, derived from vegetable origins that meet all relevant pharmaceutical regulations (ANSM, EDQM, FDA) and manufactured according to cGMP standards:

With ADM providing the best solutions and practices for the sourcing of starting materials used to produce pharmaceutical ingredients, we aim at delivering the very best solutions to fit the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

We provide a range of fully hydrogenated vegetable oils that can be used in the food, feed and cosmetic applications. Indeed, we are able to offer high melting point vegetable oils for coating and encapsulation of active ingredients (vitamins, acids, salt, enzymes, minerals, urea, flavors, etc.). Our products can also be used as texturizing agents for gum base (chewing gum), spreads, marinades and cosmetic products (lipsticks, lip balms).

Quality is our top priority. Our ingredients come from carefully selected, non-GMO raw materials. They are manufactured under strict quality assurance conditions according to ISO 9001:2015 standards and HACCP methods.

Other Lipid-Based Solutions

With our expertise in refining, esterification and purification, we offer our customers a full range of blends with functional or nutritional properties dedicated to their needs.

By controlling the supply chain from raw materials to production, we offer our skills and expertise to develop contract manufacturing according to the highest quality standards.

Our product development team is available to work with you to meet your specific needs. We can offer contract manufacturing for the following technologies: custom refining, hydrogenation and esterification.

ADM-SIO is also a manufacturer of Esters and excipients for suppositories.